IMG_20151030_094122278About Us:
End Child Hunger SC is comprised of numerous partners in the Midlands region of the state including: school districts, the faith community, state agencies, civic organizations, and local non-profits that want to solve the issue of childhood hunger in our state. End Child Hunger SC believes that a comprehensive approach involving: awareness, capacity building of families, and program outreach of child nutrition programs will allow for more youth to not go to bed hungry.
End Child Hunger SC, housed in the University of South Carolina’s Center for Research in Nutrition and Health Disparities, aims to build awareness, increase community capacity, and create a coordinated effort to address child hunger in SC.
Multi-sector stakeholders initially convened in 2013 as a part of the Midlands Family Study, a study conducted out of the Center that identified community, programmatic, and policy approaches for addressing this public health issue. This group met on a quarterly basis to tackle the issue of childhood hunger. In 2015 the group transitioned from a group that met frequently into a new initiative called End Child Hunger SC.